Why is Mikey Making Noise?

Mikey Makes Noise – The name doesn’t quite bring about images of open fields and tranquil places, I know. A lot of people have asked me why I chose that name so let me tell you.

Mikey Makes Noise is a name that has stuck with me since the beginning of my teenage years into adulthood. It came about as a quirky Instagram handle and became a bit of a pet name among my friends.

In my mind the name signifies the past ten years of my life. My school and university days, getting up to mischief and making memories. The dreams I had. The goals I set. The ones I accomplished. The hardships and the heartache. As if I were to write a book on my life, Mikey Makes Noise would be the title.

I have always been a sharer and someone who has struggled to keep quiet. Very opinionated and always fighting for a cause, so the name made sense. I was also known for being that dude that was super into music (which I still am) so it just seemed to match my personality.

But today it embodies a different sentiment. I have changed and evolved in drastic ways over the past few years and sometimes I hardly recognise the person I was. The way I look at the world, my goals and aspirations…all completely different. Although I managed to hold onto the noisy, opinionated trait. But my purpose has shifted.

Today it is my mission to make noise about what matters.

Issues like toxic masculinity, eating disorders, mental health and lessons learnt from trauma, change and immense pain. I have woken up to a new perspective and I want to fuss about it in a way that might bring about some awareness and provide some food for thought.

And I want to open up about all of this from the eyes of a man. To highlight than men go through shit too and it does not make us less masculine. It just makes us human.

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