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A few years ago I would never have thought I would be sitting here, setting up a website based around mindfulness, self-care and mental health.

But life has tested me in more ways that I could ever have anticipated including crippling anxiety, a complicated relationship with food, the loss of a loved one and enough unwanted change to last a lifetime.

My experiences have put things into a blinding perspective, forcing me to question my values, my dreams and my priorities. To dive deep within myself and reconnect, and ask myself what I really want to get out of this life. From being so confident of my path to losing absolutely all direction and control. And the more out of control things became the more I was left feeling lost, empty and alone.

Taking this path has opened my eyes to the chilling reality that as a man experiencing these internal battles and anxieties, the stigma is still very much alive. 

As a man in today’s world with problems that are already taboo and swept under the cover, it’s impossible to not feel ashamed for struggling. For having anxiety and other demons deemed more acceptable for women, we are told to “man up” and “stop being such a girl”.

Instead of accepting my fate and losing the plot, I decided to try. I decided to experiment with things such as meditation, writing, yoga and mindfulness. Things I used to snigger at have become part of my everyday life. I read book after book on anxiety and spirituality, podcasts too as well as reach out to like-minded people to learn from their story. All these tired, hesitant baby steps have lead me to this blog.

I am in no way “healed” (are we ever?). I believe I have only scratched the surface. I have become obsessed with self-growth and self-awareness. And I want to do my bit against the mental health crisis and share my story. Because if I didn’t have the resources I had I don’t know where I’d be.

So here I am. Learning every single day. Bearing my soul. Sharing my story.

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